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About the Podcast

Each episode of The Spine features an interview with a writer about their reading life — because every great writer began as, and is still, a serious reader. And they, more than most, have been changed by what they've read.

We discuss neither their latest project or writing process, nor do we ask for their book recommendations. It does not matter to us what books are on their bedside table. Instead, what is revealed in each conversation is a writer's reading autobiography.  

The Spine began as a weekly show on a community radio station in Hillsborough, North Carolina, called WHUP. It's now available almost wherever you can listen to podcasts.

Michele Filgate
Allan Gurganus
Hanif Abdurraquib
David Ulin
Walida Imarisha
Jennifer Wright

About the Guests

Guests on The Spine are writers whose lives are shaped by what they read. 

Previous guests have included David Ulin, Allan Gurganus, Michele Filgate, Lynn Melnick, Lee Smith, Walidah Imarisha, and Paul Lisicky. We're looking forward to having Dana Schwartz, Jennifer Wright, and Hanif Abdurraquib on future episodes.

Gail Marie and Jonathan Russell Clark

About the Staff

Creator and Host Gail Marie loves to read and to talk about reading, so this is how she takes it to the next level. She has a master's in English literature and is a freelance writer. And yes, Marie is her last name.

Producer Jonathan Russell Clark is a literary critic and the author of "An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom," (Fiction Advocate, January 2018), on Roberto Bolaño’s "2666." He and Gail met in 2016 when he was a guest on The Spine.


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